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chibi aizawa

[Fic] Me Again

i was catching up on 07-Ghost since i found out the american publisher is going under and this idea just started writing itself. i spent most of the day writing this. i always write smex slowly. anyway...

Title: Me Again
Pairing: Teito/Hakuren
Disclaimer: all i own of 07-Ghost is the first three volumes, i don't get any money from doing this.
Rating/Warning: R for yaoi. Major OOCness.

Summary: The New King of Raggs has come to the Barsburg Empire to see his best friend.

Teito was an adorable little squirt the last time he’d seen him but he never dreamed he grow up like this.  )
chibi aizawa

hey! couple of q's before i can do my fic idea

it just suddenly snuck up on me at work this morning, it's practically a rough draft already but i've got some quick q's before i can write it.

first, what color are Krom's eyes and hair? i've been looking for anime shots of him to figure out, but all i found was Kruez. (white hair!!! o_o)

second's purely opinion; would Hakuren look more like Castor or Frau when he grows up? or a bit of both?

if you can't tell, the idea's post-canon, thinking 6 years-ish. i'm pretty much assuming Teito's gonna look alot like Dad, so i need a vague idea for Hakuren in his mid-20's.
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Welcome to the first and only HakuTei LJ group! It was about time they got some love around here, don't you think?

I'm currently seeking admins/mods, because my coding in LJ = fail.

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